Grinding Noise When Turning Steering Wheel?


The grinding sound when turning the steeling wheel can be caused by a variety of conditions. Some are an easy fix others are more difficult. A few of the reasons it can cause the steering wheel to make a grinding sound is dirt in the steering column, cracked bearing, and clock spring issues. It is the clock springs job to coil the steering column leading to the electronic system such as the radio and so on. I there is a loose coil, it will cause a grinding sound.
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Lots of things could do this, none of them good. It might be a bad balljoint, tie rod end, power steering pump, constant velocity (CV) joint, rack & pinion, steering box, etc.
Check the drive belt and make sure that the tensioner is free moving and applying the proper tension to ensure the belt is not slipping. Look at the power steering hose connections
There are two bearings in the steering column. One or both may be bad. The most likely problem would be the lower bearing. While someone is turning the steering wheel look under the
well it probably has what is called a clock spring, which connects the horn, and any accessories on the steering wheel. it allows the steering wheel to turn without twisting any wires
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