Grizzly Wintergreen?


Grizzly Wintergreen is a dipping tobacco made by the American Snuff Company. Grizzly tobacco was first made in 1782, and is considered to be a cheap brand of chewing tobacco.
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According to some people, Grizzly Wintergreen is too strong and burns at first.
I think the Surgeon General found out it may cause cancer and low birth weight in pregnant woman - nor is it a safe alternative to cigarettes. Source(s) A can of Grizzly.
A sleeve of Grizzly Chewing Tobacco FC LC Natural Wintergreen Straight Mint costs $14.80 when ordered from Advantage Service.
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Grizzly Wintergreen dip is made by Swisher International, ...
Grizzly is a brand of chew tobacco. Long cut is the way that the tobacco itself is cut and how it sits in the users mouth. Wintergreen is a flavor of chewing tobacco ...
no one nos exactly how much nicotine is in it. grizzly has high amounts of nicotine along with brands like kodiak and copenhagen. ...
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