How to Calculate Gross Floor Area?


In order to calculate the gross floor area, you would need to use the tape measure so that you can estimate the total measurement of each side of the floor. Remember not to make mistakes since this can change the whole floor plan entirely.
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1. Measure the length and width of the inside of the building's walls. 2. Multiply the length and width measurements in order to find the square footage. 3. Multiply the square footage
It is the plinth area minus the area occupied by walls, ie. it is the area covered between the walls of a building.
i believe that is the total area of floor space excluding the footage the wall takes and does not include outdoor areas (porches, garages, etc)
( ′grōs ¦er·ē·ə ) (building construction) Sum of the areas of all stories included within the outside face of the exterior walls of a building
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