How do I start a group home for teens?


In order to start a group home for teens, you need to hire a group of therapists. Next, you need to make an atmosphere that encourages healing. Finally, you need wardens in order to ensure that the teens stay on their best behavior.
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Things You'll Need. Mission statement. Business plan. Board of directors. Funding. Legal and financial filings. Facility and furnishings. Donations. Staff. Licenses and insurance.
1 Only run away if you are absolutely sure. Do not do it just for kicks or adventure, because living on the streets is a harsh environment to be in, and nature is very cruel. If you
Take a cue from the Montessori approach and let their interests be their guide. Help them learn more about something they already have questions about, to develop their love of learning
The daily schedule for group home residents is structured to include active participation in therapy, school and learning activities. Clear rules and consequences are enforced by
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About Group Homes for Teens
Group homes for teens are available and used for many reasons. Parents may need to send away a troubled teen, or a teen may be suffering a disorder or substance abuse problem, or a teen may be left without a family and nowhere else to go. These group... More »
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