What causes a growth on the tongue?


As of March 2013, there are several conditions that can cause white growths on the tongue. The names of the conditions are oral thrush, lekuoplakia, hairy tongue, oral lichen planus, syphilis, and dehydration. One of the conditions is caleld oral thrush and it is a yeast infection inside of your mouth that is caused by excess candida. The condition is more common in newborn infants as opposed to adults. It causes white lesion on the tongue and inner cheeks.
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could be several different things, but should be looked at by a doctor.
Go to the doctor to ask about the growth on your
It is normal papilla under the tongue. They are very easily irritated and can swell up. Leave it alone a few days and it will go back down to normal size.
I had the same thing before being treated. I take Prevacid daily and it keeps it under control. Good luck to
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