What is the value of Gruen watches?


The value of Gruen watches really depends on what model the timepiece is, and when it was produced. However, many of the watches that were released by the company are now considered valuable because they went out of business in 1958.
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I have a Gruen Precision ladies watch i would like to know the value of it.. the #s on the back of the watch are.. 138...SR626SW.. FSC#72072-1...GP3060....just wanting to get some
1. Look at the watch face. Gruen watches have the name "Gruen" on the face, usually just below the 12 at the top of the watch. Watches made after 1953 will say "Swiss
On eBay, a ladies Gruen Diamond quartz #225-2035 Watch
The Gruen Watch Company no longer exists. Nowadays, the TM Gruen is owned worldwide by MZ Berger, Long Island City, New-York, U.S.A. The company is specialized in the manufacture
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The value of a Gruen watch will depend on many factors such as style and date it was released. Their Gruen Polo player watch costs $550. In general, the older the watch, the higher the price.
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