Guano in Mascara?


The oft repeated story of guano in mascara is actually false. Guano refers to bat droppings collected and sold as fertilizer and other industrial usage, but never for use in mascara. Mascara contains guanine, though it is just a color additive and not made from bat dung.
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While mascara and various other cosmetics contain guanine, which is used to give a pearlescent look, this is not guano and does not come from guano. It is made from fish scales though
It is a common myth that animal guano is in mascara but it is in fact not true.
According to Dr. Mark Kestner, no modern mascara contains bat guano. The idea that manufacturers use bat guano to create shimmer or a pearly look is urban legend. Think about it.
Guanine, a synthetic by product of bat guano, can be found in a
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Mascara is not made out of bat guano, but a lot of people have asked this question because of an urban legend that was started on the Internet several years ago. ...
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