How to Train with a Shock Collar?


Guardian shock collars are electronic devices used in training pets especially dogs. To train with a shock collar, start by putting the device on the dog for a few days before you can use it. Ensure that the dog doesn't see you using the controller.
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A dog shock collar is an electric collar that has the ability to shock a dog when his behavior is inappropriate. You can purchase a dog shock collar from your local pet store or online
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The Citronella Alternative. Citronella collars follow the same idea as electric shock collars, but instead of sending out an electric shock to correct the behavior, a burst of citronella
Remote Shock Collars are one of the most effective, easiest and most humane training aids available. Remote Shock Collars are placed on a dog's neck, allowing a trainer to deliver
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1. Disable the shocking portion of the shock collar by switching the electronic collar to a tone-emitting correction or to a silence mode by pressing the " ...
Some people may consider using a cat shock collar to train their cat. These collars may be used to correct some bad habits the cat may have such as scratching ...
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