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Another name for a guest folio is the guest ledger. A guest ledger is the collection of all accounts receivable for current registered guests in a hotel, resort, and motel. A guest folio is the account of the guest who is currently registered. The guest folio will have the customers name, address, phone number, and credit card information on file when they check into a hotel, motel, or resort. It is also considered to be the master bill.
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Just shows the things the hotel has to offer. Some have breakfasts. Others have pools and laundry facilities.
It has 2 meanings Sometimes is means a folio placed in the rooms telling guests about available services. In management it means the total charges to the guest by category. http:/
Transactions can be moved between folios in the same reservation. In other words if you accidentally post a transaction to the wrong folio you can move it to the correct folio by
411 calls are .45 cents per call, and can be billed to guest folio via the PMS interface.
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A hotel folio is the record of the number of guests received in the hotel by the staff of a hotel. The document shows the trend in the visits received over time ...
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