How do you make compound miter cuts?


When you are working with your mitre saw make sure to have a clean working space and protective goggles. Adjust the flat plan arrow to 30 degrees and make sure the indicator arrow is centered to the right. Tighten the arrow and make sure the indicator arrow is still at the 30 degree angle.
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1. Use those safety glasses and place them where they belong: over your eyes. Operating a miter saw will propel small pieces of sawdust into the air, and you do not want wood debris
If you have ever had to frame a door, window or make a picture frame you are probably aware of what a compound miter cut is. For those of us who have not yet done so, a miter cut by
Make a 45 degree cut like you would for an inside corner. This will show the profile of the trim. Use a coping saw to cut down the profile. Angle the cut back a bit so that only the
Set the bevel angle of the saw at 33.85
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