Guinea Pig Labor Signs?


One of the first signs that your guinea pig is in labor is a hiccuping type of motion. Labor for guinea pigs is very fast, and generally takes no more than 40 minutes total. The mom will reach back toward her back end to help pull her baby out. These motions often happen prior to the first baby being born. The sow, or mother, will also seem to be anxious and slightly more protective of herself than normal.
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Childbirth, or parturition, is the process of labor that dilates the cervix, as well as the delivery of the baby and placenta through the birth canal. More »
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approx 30 minutes. they have a 4-5 minute gapp between each pup being born, and if they are having contractions for 10 mins or more without producing another baby. you need to RUSH
Screeching and chatter, labored breathing. Like humans but on a smaller scale. : If it's your first litter, be warned.babies pop out kinda big (bigger than you'd expect anyway) will
A time of tribulation has come. A test, the Final Test, is at hand.
On average, guinea pig pregnancies last 63 days, although any time between 59 and 72 days is still within the normal range. This fluctuation in the gestational period depends on the
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Signs that a guinea pig has bumble foot are redness and swelling on the feet. Also, it may have a green infection. This condition involves a foot pad infection ...
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