Guinness Toucan?


The Guinness toucan was first used in 1935 to represent the beer brand. The brewery is based in Dublin, Ireland. The London-based agency of S.H. Benson and the help of the artist John Gilroy brought this toucan to life. Dorothy L Sayers is another artist was part of the team as a copywriter. The collaborated ideas produced the prominent toucan that was hard to miss as an icon for the brand. The intention was to be unique and give the Guinness brand a way to stand apart from other beer makers.
Q&A Related to "Guinness Toucan?"
Artist John Gilroy put the toucan in Guinness adverts in the 1930's. The
John Gilroy. From John M Gilroy, MA, ARCA, FRSA (1898-1985) was a superb natural draughtsman and a versatile illustrator and artist who produced
Guinness used many animals, but the toucan had a slogan: "Toucans in their nests agree/Guinness is good for you/Try some today and see/What one or toucan do."
The Guinness toucan dates to ads by John Gilroy in the 30's. His distinctive style often included a toucan, kangaroo, ostrich or lion - the toucan stuck.
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