How to Clean Gun Powder Residue off of Your Hands and Body?


To remove gun residue off of your hands and body, immediately place the affected areas under hot water. Use soap and scrub until clean. If gun powder remains, repeat the washing process.
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Gunshot residue is expelled as tiny particles from the barrel of a firearm when it is
as long as you leave it there. otherwise it will probibly last up to 48 hours depending on what you are doing. it will come off if you wash your hands once or twice.
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GOJO with the orange scent and small pieces of pumice will surely do the trick. Ask us anything 24/7! report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012 at 09:08PM EST. Source
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Gunshot residue or GSR stays on the skin until thoroughly washed. However, some GSR remains for longer period depending on the type of gun fired and the times ...
A person can clean a Ruger 9mm P95 by pushing a special cleaning rod down the barrel. A solvent is used to help remove gun powder residue. A small bristle brush ...
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