Gunpowder Tea?


Gunpowder tea is type of green tea where leaves are folded into individual round pellets. It originates from Zhejiang Province in China. As per the culture, you should not drink more than two cups of tea to avoid offending the host.
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an explosive mixture, as of potassium nitrate, sulfur, and charcoal, used in shells and cartridges, in fireworks, for blasting, etc.
a fine variety of green China tea, each leaf of which is rolled into a little ball.
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Gunpowder tea is green tea that has the leaves rolled up into very small pellets. In the past this was done by hand, but most gunpowder tea leaves are now machine rolled. When the
Gunpowder tea refers to a specific type of Chinese green tea, in which the tea leaves are tightly rolled in such a way that resembles gunpowder pellets. Gunpowder green tea has a
n. A Chinese green tea, each leaf of which is rolled into a pellet.
I would ask that colleague to cite his source. Not to say he's completely wrong, but I think all teas have a cleansing effect on the body. Gunpowder is a specific green tea that could
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