Gurgling Sound from Drain?


When you experience a gurgling sound from your drain, it is likely that there is a blockage somewhere along the way and air is getting trapped in the fluid traveling down it. It could also mean that the venting pipe has a clog in it. The most common cause is grease build-up that is not dissolved. The easiest way to fix this problem is to snake the drain completely to remove any blockages. A professional service is likely needed to fix the problem.
Q&A Related to "Gurgling Sound from Drain?"
The plumbing drainpipes you can see inside your house’s attic are vent pipes. While the vent pipes do connect to the drainpipes in your house’s plumbing, the vent pipes
Gurgling noises in drains are normally the result of air being trapped in front of the body of water moving down the pipe. When the pressure builds up the air forces its way past
A. It sounds like an air bubble is trapped inside the block. Try this, clip the end off a paper clip so you have a "U" shaped wire. Then slide it under the negative pressure
. I had a similar problem and a plumber said I had to have it vented. I had to have another pipe attached underneath the sink and vented-not a big job. Don't know if this will solve
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