How to Attract a Shy Guy?


There are many guys that are attracted to shy girls. Guys like girls that are shy because they don't like to cause drama and throw fits. The best way to find a guy of you are shy is to send them a message and open up communication.
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1. Make the first move. Women traditionally wait for men to seize the initiative, but that won't work with a shy guy. It's up to you to step forward. Be casual and keep the conversation
From our video partners Answer Speaking as a guy who used to be quite shy myself: Normally a shy guy likes someone who is really sweet and cute, but it just depends on the guy. Answer
There are many things that guys find attractive about girls. Of course, their looks are always important. The fact that they are independent and funny are also helpful.
1 Start slowly. A shy girl is definitely not going to like a fast-moving relationship. Build a solid friendship with your special girl (this is crucial, as she won't go out with a
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In my experience it varies wildly as to the personality and interest of the person you are looking to attract. Shy people tend to enjoy hobbies like reading, movies ...
There are many signs that are tell tale that he is attracted to a person. He may talk a lot or text. He may smile and ask questions about a person. He may ask ...
The answer to your question of what if a guy like me is to shy to ask me out is that you should just ask him out. If you are too shy to aski him out then send ...
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