Guys Mixed Signals?


Guys may give mixed signals if they are not sure about being in a relationship. According to lovepanky, you can read the signals by playing along, avoid falling for the person immediately and learning from the signals.
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Men send mixed signals because they are truly confused about what they want. They are not sure if they want something serious or if they are just lonely.
Sometimes they are unsure of what they want so when they are trying to figure out what they want they will give you different moods or "mixed signals" in other words until
1. Think about the strength and length of your relationship with the person you are dating. 2. Decide if you can handle the mixed signals. If the mixed signals are just temporary
1 Keep your eyes peeled at all times. You never know what you may find out if you keep an eye on your crush. Make notes of their behavior around you and that other person. Do they
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Guys will often give mixed signals when they are confused about their relationship with someone. If a relationship status has not been established, a guy may not ...
Guys will send mixed signals to girls because they want to get a feel for the relationship that they are pursuing. Mixed signals are also commonly misinterpreted ...
A guy may give mixed signals due to various reasons as dating and attraction is usually filled with mixed feelings and uncertainty. It may be that the guy is not ...
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