Gymnastics Break the Hymen?


It is possible that gymnastics can break the hymen. In fact, any strenuous activity can stretch or break the hymen. This does not affect a woman's virginity, it is just something that can happen.
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I've been a gymnast for 13 years and I've wondered this myself (haha) so I asked my doctor. She said that gymnasts can break their hymens because when they're muscles are streched
A womans hymen is often broken the first time she has sexual intercourse. It can also be broken by using sexual toys. Some women break their hymens during sports such as gymnastics
A girl can break her hymen while doing the splits in gymnastics.
i've always been told it really doesn't "break" but stretchs ALOT i would have to say it "breaks" by the splits the most.
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The hymen is usually broken when a female loses her virginity. It can also be broken or torn during activities such as horseback riding or gymnastics. ...
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Not every girl is born with a hymen. For those that are, their hymen is sometimes broken long before they reach puberty. Some girls do experience some pain, so ...
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