What is a dead gypsy tattoo?


A dead gypsy tattoo symbolizes the loss of someone that was greatly loved. It is generally used in the Meso-American culture, and the symbol is prominent on the Day of the Dead.

The tattoo and the symbol both mean the same thing in Mexican culture. They are seen mostly on Dia de los Muertos but have recently become more popular as a tattoo option for people who want to remember their loved ones who have passed.

This traditional symbol for the popular Meso-American holiday symbolizes the death of a loved one. The holiday is celebrated to honor the dead and remember their lives. The people who celebrated this holiday originally believed that the dead had moved on to a better point in their lives.

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its about the day of the dead.
Selecting a gypsy tattoo for yourself generally says that you are in a
I would imagine that it could symbolize being free and independent.
An example of a gypsy tattoo is a design of multiple intertwined loops. This symbolizes the continual death & rebirth, faith, life, and even love.
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