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Hhgregg Inc.or Gregg Appliances Inc. is a publicly owned appliance and electronics retailer that is located in the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast United States. The first HH Gregg was built in 1955 by Henry Harold and Fansy Gregg.
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H.H. Gregg is a company that was founded in 1955 in Indianapolis, IN, and as of 2012 they have over 190 locations. H.H. Gregg sells appliances and electronics.
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H.H. Gregg is one of the nation's leading consumer electronics & home appliances. Their 1st store
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hhgregg is an appliance & electronics store. Their website, http://www.hhgregg.com/, offers online shopping. For in-store shopping, they have over 190 store locations throughout
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There are 109 HH Gregg stores currently open nationwide. ! ...
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