Hades Weakness?


Hades powers and weaknesses include his ability or power to live forever and his weakness is his dealings with his wife because he always takes pity on Persephone. He is immortal like other gods. He also has the ability to carry heavy structures.
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The dead pay passage to Charon, who brings them across the River Styx to the underworld. Hades' brothers are Poseidon and Zeus, and after the war with the Titans, they divided the
Hades' weakness is his passion and love for Persephone.
Hades weakness was that he had a strong passion for everything.
I guess you could say that one of Hades' weaknesses was his wife Persephone. When Orpheus came to the underworld to retrieve his wife Eurydice, Persephone was the one who persuaded
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What Are Hades' Powers & Weaknesses?
Ancient Greeks worshipped the gods of Mount Olympus. However, the ancients also believed in gods who resided in places which were not as cozy as the home Zeus ruled on a mountain. There is one god that struck fear into the hearts of the ancient Greeks... More »
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