How to Wear Bandanas in Your Hair?


To wear a bandanna in your hair, all you need to do it fold it into a triangle. You can then tie it around back of your hair underneath. You can tie it in the front of your hair too, instead.
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1. Lay your bandana down on a flat surface. Pick up one corner of the bandana and fold it on a diagonal, so you have a large triangle of fabric. 2. Pick up both corners and lay the
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Start by folding the bandanna you plan to wear in half diagonally. This will
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1. The classic bandana protects hair from the sun. Place your bandana on a flat surface with the side you want visible facing down. Fold it into a triangle and ...
You can use a bandanna to style you hair in different ways as below; you may fold the bandana into triangle shape, then tie its long ends from your fore head and ...
are you talking about Blue Mary? ...
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