Hair Braiding Flat Twists?


The practice of putting braided flat twists in hair takes practice. It is mostly seen in African American hair styles. Depending on the length of your hair, the process can take hours to complete since only small portions of hair are worked with at a time. The pieces can be braided along the scalp to be tied back together in a pony tail. They can also be braided backward and put into an updo while being secured with bobby pins.
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1. Decide what style you want to create. The simplest braid styles have one or two braids. 2. Part hair into the size section you want to work with. For two pigtails, you can simply
If you flat iron your hair then braid it and leave the braids in for a while then your hair will become creased.
Typically if you have lines from you tattoo, it means the artist dug too hard. I myself have
it is call afro kinky braid for plating, you can have a look it again at this website Source(s):
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