How do I get a messy hair look?


To get a messy hair look, try putting your hair up in a bun by pulling it through a ponytail holder randomly. You could also wash the hair and let it air dry.
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One trend that resurfaces each year is the messy bob. This short hairstyle is a simple cut to request at the beauty salon that offers several different styling options. When shaping
1. Brush your hair nicely. This is easier to undo if you have very straight, untangled hair. If your hair is curly, you might want to keep it to look more authentic, but straightening
Curly. hair. tends to look a little messy naturally and actually I'm not keen on curly hair being too 'styled' as I think you need to go with the natural movement for curly hair.
If the procedure is done right, hair infusions look like it is the person that is wearing it natural hair. It is suppose to extend the hair without being able to easily notice it.
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Coat your hair for the best results with fiber-based pomade and rub it on both hands to ensure it is evenly distributed and comb your hair through. Run your hands ...
To make your hair into a messy bun, start by applying some mousse and then brushing your hair backwards while applying hairspray. Next, flip the hair upside down ...
To messy style your hair, start by pulling it while it's still damp from the shower into a loose bun. Let it air dry in the bun, then let it fall loose. Apply ...
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