Hairball Remedy for Dog?


If you suspect that your dog has a hairball, you should try to up his fiber intake as a way to remedy the issue. While the stomach acid can not dissolve the hair, the fiber will assist in the passing of the hair ball. There is also a special gel you can purchase that is added to the dog's food. This gel will help with many different problems. Sometimes, the dog will also need to have surgery to deal with the hairball.
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Sometimes a hairball remedy is necessary to deal with problematic hairballs. Hairballs are more common in longhaired breeds, but can happen to any cat. Your cat's natural response
1. All cats get hairballs at some time or another. Offer your cat a spoonful of softened butter to help lubricate the hairball, making it easier to vomit up. Other remedies that can
Chronic constipation and a general "fat" or "full" feeling in your dog could indicate hairball in digestive system. Your dog will also show less interest in eating
Regular grooming, even just a little bit every few days, removes the loose hairs that
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Hairball Remedies for Dogs
Although hairballs are most commonly found in cats, dogs may also be affected by these pesky things. If your dog tends to groom his hair often, it is likely he is swallowing decent amounts of hair. While most of this hair will pass through the digestive... More »
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