Haircuts for Wavy Hair?


A good haircut for wavy hair is one that doesn't weight the hair down and doesn't leave your hair looking like a triangle. For a long style with wavy hair, you will want to add in very long layers and sweeping bangs. If you are after shoulder length hair, the hair will also look better with long layers. If you have wavy hair and prefer to go with a shorter hair cut, you will want to leave the hair all one length.
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hen you have short/medium hair.
There are many ways to make your hair wavy. You could curl your hair using a curling iron. You could also twist damp hair and clip it with bobby pins until it dries. Look here for
Learning how to get wavy hair helps you spice up your style without having to go through the process of getting a perm. It's fun to change your hair to suit your mood or for a special
Long hair is great on wavy hair. Flip hair upside-down and scrunch
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hen you have short/medium hair. ...
hen you have short/medium hair. ...
A good haircut for medium wavy hair is long layers. The layers ad shape and increase the spring of the curls. Be careful not to cut the layers too short . ...
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