Hairline Hip Fracture?


A hairline, or stress, fracture of the hip can be very hard to diagnose. The hairline crack is so small it can not be seen on an X-ray and it usually does not involve the entire bone. A hairline fracture in the hip is caused by overuse and repetitive motion. Since the symptoms of a hairline fracture may mimic those of muscle strain or tendinitis, the hairline fracture can go left undiagnosed and cause bigger issues.
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how long does it take for a hip hair line fracture to heal and what is the treatment.
A pelvic hairline fracture, sometimes referred to as a stress fracture, is a tiny break in an area of the pelvic bone caused by overuse, repetative motion or high impact exercise.
I cannot think why it would be normal to get a lump on the opposite side from a hairline fracture. Please find an integrative veterinarian with whom to consult, especially one who
n. A minor fracture in which the bone fragments remain in alignment, appearing on x-ray film as a fine line.
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A hairline fracture means the bone has not been displaced. With proper care, the bone will heal without any deformity. The best treatment available is the use ...
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