What hairstyles are good for people with large foreheads?


The best hairstyle for a person with a large forehead is one that has bangs if you wish to conceal or hide it. You will want to keep it streamlined and not too bulky. Add emphasis to your hair and take the attention away from your forehead with curls, a high ponytail or an angled bob.
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Things You'll Need. Big, round brush. Thick headband. Hairdryer. Confidence. How To Hide A Large Forehead. One way to hide a large forehead if you don't have bangs is to wear a thick
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Hairstyles for Men With Large Foreheads
Men with large foreheads need hairstyles that will complement their facial features. Hair that has bangs or is long in the front is generally a preferred choice for men who have large foreheads. Short hairstyles generally do not complement men with large... More »
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