How do you wear a half wig?


You leave out some of your natural hair in the front before applying a half wig a little ways back from the hairline. How far or close you have to place the wig from the hair line to get a natural look is up to you. You can secure the wig with wig clips or bobby pins.
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1. Pin the hair up using hair pins or hair clips. 2. Apply the disposable shower cap. The shower cap will protect the wig from friction damage while applying the swimming cap. 3.
A half wig is really called a faul(Not sure on that spelling)But basically you blend the front andd top of your hair into the half a wig.
The benefit of a half wig is it looks like your own hair.Human hair half wigs
1. Start off by putting your half wig on a mannequin and take some hair and tease it up with a comb or brush. You should use a brush with a wide head. You can use a comb with wide
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