How to Heal a Hamster's Eye Infection?


To heal a hamster's eye infection, use boric acid powder. Although, it is still best to bring the hamster to the veterinarian. Give the correct antibiotic as prescribed.
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1. Boil water to distill it. Mix half a teaspoon of boric acid powder into half a cup of the sterile water. Be sure the water has cooled to room temperature before using it on your
Baby hamsters will open there eyes approximately two weeks after they are born. Please remember not to handle the baby hamsters three weeks after they are born. If you sent gets on
take it to a vet, ask what you need to treat it, and how to treat it. they should be able to give you a leaflet on how to take care of it. even phone up the vet, they might ask you
Eye infections are often because a hamster may have something it its eye such as
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One reason your hamsters eyes may be stuck shut is if it is sick. It could also have an eye infection. A hamster's eye can be wiped clean by using a small piece ...
Swollen (puffy) eyes are caused by different factors and may be a symptom of other eye conditions; therefore a swollen eye will need examination to determine the ...
There are many hamster illnesses such as kidney infections and cancer. Cage paralysis is also another illness. ...
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