How do I make a hamster wheel?


You can make hamster wheels out of many things. You do want to be sure that it is not made out of anything the hamster can eat and get hurt by. You can use a plastic tube as the wheel.
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1. Draw a circle on the page the size of the hamster wheel. In order to make the wheel perfectly round, use a compass. 2. Draw a second circle, centered within in the first circle
1. Take into consideration the size of the rodent! If you are getting a rat, you cant get a mouse wheel! Get a wheel that isn't too small, nor too big. 2. Decide Style. Do you want
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Revolving cage wheels (hamster wheels) were a Roman innovation from about 400BC.
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How to Make a Hamster Wheel
Hamster toys can get a bit expensive if you're not sure which ones your pet is going to enjoy. Most hamsters like an exercise wheel, but perhaps yours will prefer an exercise ball, for instance. Make an exercise wheel to see how your hamster likes it... More »
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PawNation cites the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals as saying that a hamster can clock up to 6 miles in one night on its wheel. The animal ...
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