How do you identify hand painted Nippon China?


When collecting hand painted Nippon China, you have to inspect and look for fine porcelain in older pieces. Recognize the gold and Moriage techniques like the Giesha girl, Phoenix Bird, Dragons or the Wedgewood patterns. You can also use encyclopedias or books to help you identify the real porcelain or patterns. Japan opened its borders to trade with the West, in the mid 1800's and began producing Nippon China for export to the world. It rivaled European china in beauty and quality, it was less expensive.
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1. Look for fine, delicate porcelain in older pieces. Some of these are so thin and delicate, you can see light through them. This rule does not apply to their relief molded items
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The Value of Hand Painted Nippon China
To comply with United States importation restrictions, products produced in Japan were required to carry the Nippon mark. Products bearing the Nippon mark were generally made during the period from 1891 to 1921. The Nippon mark can be found on later... More »
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To collect hand painted Nippon China, there should be a keen observation of delicate porcelain in old pieces. The decoration is to be inspected to check whether ...
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