Hands Numb Every Morning?


Typically when people wake up in the morning with numb hands it is largely due to the way they slept the night before. If you are a stomach sleeper you could have been sleeping on your hands, which resulted in the restriction of blood to the extremities. Your hands should return to normal as you move around a bit. However, if you are noticing this problem on a consistent basis you could be developing a more serious problem such as diabetes. It is best to report this symptom to your doctor.
Q&A Related to "Hands Numb Every Morning?"
Talk to your health care provider, and think about carpal tunnel.
If you do a lot of typing on the computer
Pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel syndrome - very common during pregnancy and is worse the further along you are and the more swollen you are. You can try the carpal tunnel wrist splints
That happens to me every day! I guess it just mean not to lay on your hands while sleeping. The blood circulations in your hands would slow down if you lay on them. Usually i put
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