What are handstand push-ups?


A handstand push-up (press-up) is a type of push-up exercise that occurs when a person is positioned upside down, according to Wikipedia. It is also called a vertical push-up or an inverted push-up.

For beginners, doing a handstand against the wall is necessary to develop the strength needed, according to Beast Skills. Place a pillow between the hands on the ground. Hold the body in position upside down against the wall for 15 seconds without moving to determine whether you are ready to do the handstand with the push-up. After lowering the head onto the pillow, put the feet down and then kick back up into the handstand position again.

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1. Create a base of upper body and shoulder strength. Handstand push-ups are not something that a beginning lifter should attempt. They require a good base of strength from doing
1. Kick up to a handstand against a wall. Ad. 2. Lower yourself until you touch the floor with the top of your head. 3. Push back up to handstand. 1. Have a coach or a few friends
Saxon Edmonds from Australia did 282 consecutive handstand pushups with no breaks in approximately 2 and a half minutes in april 2012.
do a handstand against the wall. bend your arms until your head almost touched the floor, then straighten your arms. repeat.
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What Are Handstand Push-ups?
The push-up might be the most well-known exercise, familiar to anyone who has ever taken a PE class in school. The abundance of the push-up has led to many spin-offs such as the pushback push-up, close grip push-ups, biceps push-ups and the handstand... More »
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