How should I go about hanging heavy objects on plaster walls?


When hanging heavy objects on plaster walls you want to make sure the wall is both clean and dry.You will want to secure the heavy object with a molly bolt or toggle bolt. These bolts are designed to support the weight of bigger items such as large picture frames or shelves. Drill a hole into the wall where you will be placing the bolts. Be careful because plaster has a tendency to crumble and break apart when it is drilled or hammered into.
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1. Move the stud finder over the plaster wall across the spot where the heavy object will hang. When finder passes over a nail, the magnet will react. Mark the spot with a pencil.
The best way is to use an anchoring system. Now which one you should use depends on what you are hanging on the wall. For small things like pictures, plastic anchors work well. For
When hanging heavy objects the best device is the expansion anchor,
If you are trying to hang an object that is more than 10 pounds it might be much wiser to open up the wall and locate actual studs to fix your hardware to. This is not because lath
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How to Hang Heavy Objects on Plaster Walls
Simply hanging something heavy on a plaster wall can result in damage to the wall and the object if you don't tap into the supporting structure behind the plaster. Though there are several methods of locating studs, or supports behind the wall, the most... More »
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