How to Hang a Shop Light?


If a person is hanging shop lights it is important to secure them well. Some shop lights hang from chains and some hang from bars or are bolted directly to the ceiling of the shop. Usually the shop lights come with exact instructions on hanging them.
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1. Mark spots on the ceiling for the two eye bolts that will support the chains for the shop light. If you are hanging the light from a suspended ceiling, these must be marked on
1 Determine where you want to hang the icicle lights. Popular choices are under the eaves of your roof, along or under the railing of your deck, or around the windows of your home
1. Nail an electrical box to the studs at the location of your new switch and another one to the ceiling rafters just over where the power connection to your light will be. Use a
1. Spread your fabric out face down over your work area. Place the bottom of your drum shade over your fabric. Draw a general outline of your drum shade's bottom edges, leaving about
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How to Hang a Shop Light
Shop lights are fluorescent strip light fixtures, typically with two 40 watt fluorescent strip light bulbs. They hang from the ceiling using easily installed chains and have plugs connecting them to standard wall outlets, eliminating the need to wire... More »
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Finding the right location for hanging shop lights is important for safety reasons. It is necessary that all areas where machinery and heavy or dangerous tools will be used are well lit. Keeping all common walkways bright and free of objects is another important safety measure.
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