What is "Hanuman Chalisa"?


"Hanuman Chalisa" is a hymn composed by Goswami Tulsidas and written in the Awadhi language, praising Lord Hanuman, a mighty ape god who helped Lord Rama against evil forces. A person singing the hymn is reminded of Hanuman's greatness, devotion and his fight against unrighteousness.`

According to About.com, Lord Hanuman, a devotee to Lord Rama, shows support and compassion to those seeking his help and to those who pray to Lord Rama. Spiritual aspirants devote themselves to Lord Rama so that they are protected and blessed by Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman is considered in Indian culture to be a symbol of chastity and true devotion and is worshipped for his perseverance and strength.

Q&A Related to "What is "Hanuman Chalisa"?"
Tulsidas wrote the Hanuman Chalisa.
If you do it for some benefits, then none. No prayer should be done in order to reap some benefits. Prayer should only be done to thank God for everything you have or for simply remembering
Dear Harish, I hope you are offering puja to Sri Rama, Mata Sita, daily and twice (of course, remembering Sri Bharata, brother Shatrughna, and Lord Hanuman) They say: "Dakshine
The original question asked was 'are hare krsna allowed to chant Hanuman Chalisa' What we are not talking is mantras not bona-fide. I think what your saying is about a made up mantra
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