Happy Birthday Notes to the Flute?


The Happy Birthday Song is probably the easiest tune that a flute beginner can play. Here are the notes to play the Happy Birthday Song:

G G A C2 B
G G A G D2 C2
G G G2 E2 C2 C2 B A
F2 F2 E2 C2 D2 C2
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G G A G C B | G G A G D C | G G + G E C B A | F F E C D C. Please note that the + sign means octave, so when you see G^ I mean the next octave (Higher) G note.
Bb, Bb, C, Bb, Eb, D Bb, Bb, C, Bb, F, Eb Bb, Bb, Bb(up
Search completed questions, I posted this already. Source(s): Professional flutist and teacher in NY
It's c c d c f e c c d c f c c'a f e d b- b- a f g f. b- is B flat. c' is high c. Ask kgb_ anything!
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