How Much Is the Special Edition Happy Holidays White Barbie 1995 Worth?


To find the Happy Holiday Special Edition Barbie from 1995, you should try eBay. There are many sellers that should have what you are looking for. That Barbie is being sold for around $20 on eBay.
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They are selling on ebay for around 40.00.
most of them were never opened. So the attrition rate for these would be less than 10% They cost a bit less than what they sold for on the secondary market when they came out.
As of October 2009, the Happy Holidays Special Edition Barbies range in price from $60 to $100, depending on what color dress they are wearing and what year they were made. The older
Jeanne: Go to In the uppre right hand corner, in the Quick Search Box, type in the word holiday. They will all come up. This represents the upper end value
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Original MSRP was $29.95. Most of the 1997 Happy Holidays Barbies were brunettes, even the picture on the back of the box is a brunette barbie, the blonde-haired ...
A price guide for Happy Holidays Barbie would be useful to a doll collector or to someone who wishes to buy/sell these dolls. How much they sell for varies between ...
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