What causes a hard lump to form under the chin?


According to Better Medicine, the common causes of chin lumps are infections, inflammation, tumors and trauma. Numerous types of infections cause the lymph nodes to become bigger. Benign and malignant tumors of the soft tissues, skin or organs also often feel like lumps.

WebMD says that certain skin conditions cause lumps to appear on the surface or below the skin, including skin cysts, cherry angioma, dermatofibromas, folliculitis, epidermoid cysts, keratoacanthoma, lipomas, keratosis pilaris and neurofibromas. Skin cysts are noncancerous pockets of tissue that typically feel like large peas under the skin’s surface. They occur due to infection or clogging of oil glands. Cherry angiomas are smooth, cherry-red bumps that usually appear on people over the age of 40.

Most lumps are harmless and are not a cause for concern, the National Health Service notes; however, they must be checked by a doctor to determine the specific cause. Generally, a painful lump that suddenly appears within one or two days is due to an injury or infection. The cause is likely an infection if the lump is red and warm. If not caused by an injury, other possible causes of chin lumps include allergic reactions and a salivary gland stone. An allergic reaction leads to angioedema, a swelling in the deeper layers of the skin. A salivary gland stone forms when the chemicals contained by the saliva crystallize and block the saliva’s flow from a salivary gland near the jaw.

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Go get it checked by doctor. Hopefully nothing serious. P.s always smile.
it is a gland (usually the salivary gland) that comes about sometimes when your sick or have a coldsore.
If you shave, it is most likely and ingrown hair. I get them alot in the winter. They really dont hurt, but you may have to get a needle and dig it out. 0 0 Comment What is this lump
Could be a nodule, which is a solid, painful lump beneath the
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