Hardening and Tempering Steel?


When hardening steel, first light charcoal, put the steel in the middle of the charcoal and let it become red and then remove it, put motor oil in a pan and dip the steel vertically for about five seconds so that it does not warp, remove it and let it cool. Clean off the oil and then get off the corrosion on the surface using steel wool and lastly, put the steel in the oven at about 204 degrees for 20minutes, remove it and let it cool.
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1. Build a brazing hearth by arranging a wall of fire bricks, at least 1 foot high, to the back of your metal table - this will absorb excess heat during the hardening and tempering
Steel is hardened two different ways: by tempering or adding carbon. You can only add carbon when you are casting steel. But you can temper steel by heating it up and cooling it very
Work hardening and some heat treatments like quenching make steel harder but more brittle. Tempering, raising temperature and holding it, relaxes the structure of the crystals, reduces
It can induce stresses in the steel unless it is very carefully prepared. Depending on the quenching material you can get too much carbon in the surface (EG quenching in oil) that's
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How to Harden & Temper Steel
Steel is hardened and tempered so that its properties make it fit for a certain purpose. Cost savings are made when an engineer can create steel with optimal toughness, strength and durability. Steel can be molded or bent into the required shape and then... More »
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The hardening of steel is an important part of the blade-making process and it can be done in a series of steps. The process involves lighting a torch or charcoal, heating the steel, pouring motor oil in a shallow pan and then putting the steel in the pan of oil. You will then remove the steel, cool it, clean the oil off, remove the corrosion, put the steel in a preheated oven, remove it, allow it to cool and this will make the steel to be tempered.
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