Where is the paint code on Harley Davidson motorcycles?


The paint codes for the base coats and accent colors for Harley-Davidson motorcycles can be found through the Color Rite website. Color Rite makes exact replicas of Harley-Davidson colors.
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my harley is blue that's all i know where do you find the paint code.
1. Cut a short 3-inch piece of wire. 2. Strip both ends of the wire with wire stripper tool. 3. Attach a female spade clip to each end of the wire and crimp with a wire stripper tool
Monty's Cycle Shop Harley Davidson of West Bridgewater
Turn key ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON, press left signal twice, press fob button twice. PIN will be displayed in odometer window with first digit flashing.
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There are a number of Harley Davidson paint codes known based on the year and model of each motorcycle made. Where to find the code on this bike is unknown publicly. Individuals are advised to contact the manufacture with the VIN of their motorcycle to get the specific code for that bike.
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