Has Cher had plastic surgery?


Cher has had plastic surgery several times. She has publicly stated that she has had a nose job, a brow lift and breast enhancement surgery.

The plastic surgery is directly connected to Cher's feelings about aging. In a 2013 interview with "The New York Times," Cher states that she dislikes the idea of growing older. She believes that this opinion is shared by many others, especially in the entertainment field. Cher believes that the cosmetic surgery and fantastic hair, makeup and clothing presents the real her to the public. She is living life as she wants, and that does not involve dressing down, going gray or looking older.

Q&A Related to "Has Cher had plastic surgery?"
she got some Botox and @ least one nose job.
Cher has gotten breast implants, a nose job, and laser tattoo removal.
At 67, Cher looks stunning, proving she can turn back time. She has never denied her use of cosmetic surgery, once admitting that she had a facelift. She's also confessed about her
she had breast implants... and all above.... cheek implants.. a rib removed..lasar to remove tattoos.. shes had everything they can replace, redo... and add... shes a walking 'implant
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