How long does it take for parakeet eggs to hatch?


It takes between 17 and 20 days for parakeet eggs to hatch. The female parakeet lays an egg approximately every other day until her entire clutch has been laid. A clutch is typically four to six eggs, but it is not unusual for the number to fall outside that range.

The eggs will hatch every other day in the order they were laid, though the first two may hatch on the same day if the mother waited before starting to brood. Newborn chicks have no feathers. They first develop down and then pin feathers, which eventually open with maturity.

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Parakeet eggs usually take about 18-22 days to hatch.
Hi, Jackie, I'm not sure I understand your question. A female keet will lay up to 6 eggs per clutch. How many will hatch depends on how many are fertile, whether they are incubated
You must have an incubator to hatch chicken eggs successfully. The machine maintains the correct temperature and moisture so that the eggs are provided with the environment they need
if i'm right these will be the hatch dates.... If she started sitting on them right away (like my parakeet do) 4/24/09 4/26/09 4/30/09 5/2/09
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