HBC Rewards Catalogue?


The Hudson Bay Card uses a reward program for its clients. The HBC rewards catalogue is now very simple. The points can be exchanged for gift cards, exchanged for Esso Extra Program, traded in for air miles, or donated to charity. The points are earned by spending money on the HBC credit card. One point is earned for every dollar spent using the credit card. If the card is used to buy from the Hudon Bay store or website or Home Outfitters, the user can get double points.
Q&A Related to "HBC Rewards Catalogue?"
There are many rewards available through HBC Rewards including Hudson's Bay Gift Cards, Home Outfitters, Air Miles, Zellers, and even donating to charity or a community.
Well, points. com doesn't play well in conversion and you get ripped huge. As for those points, they are worth $125 worth of HBC Gift cards, which you can then turn around and use
Your Hbc Rewards points are converted to Air Miles Reward Miles on a weekly basis. Please note that the transfer from Hbc Rewards Points to Air Miles can take up to 30 days to reflect
You can redeem your points for rewards online at Redeem Points or in-store (see store locator). Just go to the HBC Rewards service area in the Bay and Home Outfitters or the Customer
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