Hcso Arrest Inquiry?


Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office provides for online inquiries to be made through their website. The HCSO arrest inquiry form can be filled out as long as someone has the pertinent information. It requires a booking number, and the name of the person being searched for, plus their race, sex, as well as birth date. It also has a place to input the booking and release dates. The results can be sorted by name, booking date, or booking number.
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Florida police feel they have solid evidence that Dorice Donegan Moore tampered with lottery winner Abraham Shakespeare's murdered body after he was dead, but they have yet to say
Not filed by state attorneys office.
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If you are looking for arrests on someone, you'll actually only get convictions, not arrests.
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How to Look Up People Who Were Arrested in Hillsborough County, FL
Arrest information is available to the public under Florida state law. If the arrested individual is an adult and the arrest occurred after Jan. 1, 1995, the information can be found online. The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office maintains electronic... More »
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