What does an HDMI splitter do?


An HDMI splitter takes a signal from one source and sends it to two separate displays. A switcher, on the other hand, connects several devices to one display.

A splitter is appropriate for connecting a single media source, such as a satellite receiver, DVD player or video game console, to televisions in different rooms. Because each screen will display the same content, a single presentation can be broadcast to multiple screens in an auditorium using a splitter. If, however, a single screen is to serve as the display for several components, an HDMI switcher is necessary to connect them simultaneously.

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An HDMI splitter allows you to split one HDMI source signal to two or more outputs. Most HDMI splitters are 1:2, meaning you start with one source and can split the signal into two.
As of 2009, HDMI connections provide the best means of sending high definition video and audio from a DVD/Blu-Ray player or a cable/satellite receiver to a high definition TV. HDMI
The purpose of an HDMI splitter cable is to take HDMI signal from a source (such as satellite television service) and split that signal to multiple televisions. Such splitter cables
A splitter takes one input and splits into two or more. Useful when you have one source and you want to send the signal to multiple devices. Each device can be different. A switch
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