What is a head of household?


By definition, the term 'Head Of Household' is most commonly used as a filing status in the United States taxpayer system. Head Of Household is a status that can be filed based on marital status. It can also be filed in a situation where more than one person is living in a home but one person has most of the responsibility for the bills.
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Instructions. Compare your relationship status to that required for the head of household status. According to the IRS, those filing as the head of household must be unmarried or
1 Decide if you paid more than half of the cost of keeping up your home or household for the year. It should be noted that you don’t need to “own” a home to claim
You have the children and obviously claim them as deductions on YOUR tax return..... Your "financee"... really can't be a financee until you get a DIVORCE from the first
You must have a qualifying family group blood related member or the ones that meet the IRS rules that would allow you to claim them as a member of your household for the dependent
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Head of Household Rules
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) gives additional benefits to those who are considered to be the head of their household. This designation, aptly dubbed head of household, has become more difficult to declare on taxes over the years, as the rules have... More »
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