How do you install lighting in a headboard?


To install lighting in a headboard, you need the following procedures. You first place the lamp on the headboard in the right position. Use a pencil to trace the base line of the headboard. Secondly, take off the base. Take measurement of the distance of the power cord from either sides of the base. Using a ruler, locate and mark the position on the outline you drew on the headboard. Moreover, drill a hole at the point you marked with diameter 1 1/2-inch. Finally, put the lamp in place and pass the power cord through the hole you drilled. You can read more from this link:
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1. Set the lamp in position on your headboard. Lightly trace the base onto the wood of your headboard, using a pencil. 2. Remove the base. Measure the distance of the power cord from
Installing a headboard light in a room varies depending on the specific circumstances. Headboard lights come in all shapes and sizes and each one may be installed differently. It
Ok so this is what I am trying to do. So my headboard is a box and I'm it has 2 shelves on each side with a mirror in the center. I want to install LED lights above the shelves ..
bookcase headboard on your bed is a convenient, attractive way to keep books on hand for nighttime reading. Recessed lighting embedded into the bookcase enhances the experience with
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