How to Create a Normal Headset Adapter for an Xbox 360.?


1. Turn off your Xbox 360 and disconnect any 2.5 mm headsets from your controllers. 2. Insert the 3.5 mm headset plug into the 3.5 mm port of your 3.5mm-to-2.5 mm adapter. Push the plug into the port until you hear a click. 3. Insert the 2.5 mm
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1 Install the Bluetooth adapter if you have not already done so. Make sure to give it enough time to install the necessary drivers. Ad 2 Turn the Adapter on if you have not already
No you can not use a adapter to use one socket to talk and listen at the same time, you have to plug in the pink (Microphone) socket, and the Green (speakers) socket. You can not
Why would you think you can. The headset uses Bluetooth and your PC does not have it. I don't think you could use it even with an adapter because it was designed for the PS3 and not
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i have a plantronics bluetooth headset, but i set it up with my nokia 6102. all i did was hold the button on the headset and then enable bluetooth on my phone. ...
Hold the power button down of the Bluetooth headset until it switches on. Switch on the Bluetooth adapter on your computer or mobile device (it can be found by ...
1. Charge the headset by connecting the AC adapter to the charging jack on the headset and plugging the other end into an electrical outlet. The indicator light ...
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